Introducing PerfectLearn

PerfectLearn is a personal knowledge base and learning environment with extensive semantic web integration in combination with graph, timeline, and map-based visualizations for straightforward navigation of a person’s documented knowledge.

PerfectLearn is a simple, focused tool to help you to easily manage your personal documented knowledge in a manner that goes beyond the typical hierarchical organization of documents.

PerfectLearn: Helping you turn your personal knowledge into a valuable asset.

In today’s world, lifelong learning is not only possible with the advent of the web and its related technologies but it is also almost obligatory if you want to keep abreast of advances within your personal and professional fields of interest. Having the necessary means to help you manage your learning processes and experiences is crucial to the pursuit of knowledge. In that respect, PerfectLearn is the ideal tool.



PerfectLearn’s versatile underlying data structure, topic maps, makes it straightforward to relate your topics of interest in a meaningful way. Having this context provides several obvious benefits including the ability to expand your knowledge without the risk of it becoming disjointed and being able to find the information you are looking for in a more intuitive manner. This in turn makes it easier and quicker for you to assimilate and internalize the information so that it becomes an integral part of your knowledge.

In addition, PerfectLearn’s integration with the web automatically complements and enhances your own topics of study with related study materials, including articles from Wikipedia and Freebase, videos from YouTube, images from Flickr, and the latest news from a variety of news sources.

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4 thoughts on “Introducing PerfectLearn

    1. Hi Saul,

      Thanks for your interest in PerfectLearn. With regards to how and when to sign up for PerfectLearn… PerfectLearn is still under active development. I expect to release version 1.0 in approximately 3-4 months time. Would you mind if I add you to the PerfectLearn newsletter so that you are kept up-to-date with PerfectLearn’s development?



  1. Great idea with tremendous application opportunities. Seems to be similar to prezi regarding lay out but the integrated Knowledge Management features really makes this a great resource for lifelong learners! Thank you, and I can’t wait to access this tool.

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