iPad-based personal learning environment

PerfectLearn was always envisaged as a suite of applications, including a web-based application and an accompanying tablet app. I’ve started to create some mockups that will provide the starting point for the development of the PerfectLearn iPad app.

There are still many user interface questions up in the air; things that I am uncertain about with regards to iOS 7 design. For example, should the app have an animated sidebar sliding in from the side of the screen (with a swipe gesture) overlaying the content below it with a translucent glass effect or should it have a more conventional split view controller? And what is the correct placement of the tab bar for iPads? Can I place it on the left-hand side of the screen or should it be placed at the top or bottom of the screen? Likewise, for the toolbar; should it be placed at the top or the bottom? Furthermore, one of iOS 7′s distinguishing features is animation and in that respect, what type of animations make sense for the PerfectLearn iPad app?

Over the next couple of weeks, I will research and try to come up with a coherent user interface design and accompanying user experience. I will also try to blog as much as possible detailing my progress and include screen shots and screencasts for feedback purposes.

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