PerfectLearn for Android – Alpha 1 preview

The video in this post provides an overview of the current (very early) state of development of the PerfectLearn for Android app. I created five topics and the accompanying associations to demonstrate navigating between topics and the automatic retrieval of related images (from Flickr) for each topic.

The video starts with the Spain topic, followed by navigating to the Pablo Picasso topic, the Vincent van Gogh topic, the Netherlands topic, and finally The Starry Night topic (and then back again).

PerfectLearn for Android (alpha preview 1) from Brett Kromkamp on Vimeo.

Each topic plays an appropriate role within the association linking the respective topics. Both the association types and accompanying (member) roles are reflected in the navigation menu in the app. At this stage of development the app only has this semantic navigation mode. The finished app will have several navigation modes including a "flat" (non-semantic) mode that limits the menu to displaying the related topics without the association types and roles making the navigation to related topics more straightforward.

Furthermore, as it stands now, the app’s semantic web queries are limited to the retrieval of related Flickr images for the current topic. Ultimately, the app will retrieve and display, in addition to related images, the topic’s related videos (from YouTube), Wikipedia articles (via Freebase), and news stories for the current topic. Finally, you will also be able to manage (and edit) your Google Drive files organised by topic.

If you have any feedback or questions with regards to the PerfectLearn for Android app, don’t hesitate to contact me at

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