PerfectLearn for Android app concept

The concept I am working on for the Google Play for Education store (a part of the Google for Education programme) revolves around the coherent integration of several parts, namely, a set of semantic web services, Google Drive (for Android), and the PerfectLearn on-device topic maps engine (which I mentioned in a previous blog post: Topic maps engine for mobile platforms).

In a nutshell, the concept centres on semantic web queries complementing and enhancing the user’s documented knowledge to which Google Drive documents can be attached; the user’s documented knowledge is organised by means of a topic maps structure.

The app concept (for tablets) is not completely worked out but in broad terms the functionality will be aligned with the PerfectLearn for Web application‘s functionality with the distinction that the user can attach Google Drive documents and files to individual topics, effectively applying a topic maps-based organisation to Google Drive documents (in addition to the user’s on-device documented knowledge).

I will post updates with further refinements to the concept over the course of the next few days. As always, any feedback you have is more than welcome.

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