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PerfectLearn’s development has finally got to a point that it makes sense to start talking about it’s future. A roadmap of sorts. In that respect, PerfectLearn in its current form is a combined personal knowledge base and digital learning environment. A place to compile knowledge not unlike the commonplace book popular in early modern Europe. But, that is only one side of the coin. The other side of the coin is the personal learning portfolio.

PerfectLearn web application

PerfectLearn web application

Let’s take a look at what I am referring to with the term "personal learning portfolio." A personal learning portfolio is a virtual, personal space that serves as an archive, profile, and showcase of an individual’s lifelong learning experiences, goals, and achievements. However, by design, currently in PerfectLearn your documented knowledge is not publicly accessible. That is, you cannot build a public profile and showcase your documented knowledge. But that is exactly where I want to take PerfectLearn next. I’m of the opinion that a personal learning environment and a personal learning portfolio really make for a compelling combination.

The learning experience, in many respects, is being pieced together from various online courses and materials.

Education is becoming more and more unbundled and fragmented. The learning experience, in many respects, is being pieced together from various online courses and materials. And that is where the combination of a personal learning environment and personal learning portfolio makes sense as a central place where a learner can compile their learning experiences and at the same time make their learning visible.

Within the context of PerfectLearn, making your learning visible translates to being able to publish the topics of your choice to a publicly accessible (but still personal) space. In all likelihood this public space — the learning portfolio within PerfectLearn — will have a primary user-interface similar to Google now (see screenshot below) or Pinterest with each pin or card representing a topic. Selecting a card will allow the user to interact with all of the usual PerfectLearn topic artefacts including the topic’s text, images, videos, files, links, maps, and related (published) topics. Furthermore, PerfectLearn users will be able to share topics with other users, add other user’s topics to their own learning portfolio, follow other users, browse topics by category or tags, and so forth.

Google now

Google now

Going in the direction outlined above will allow PerfectLearn to span the full personal-social learning spectrum providing learners with the means to take charge of their own learning, be responsible and self-directed while at the same time being able to benefit from learning within a social context.

Personally, I am excited about taking PerfectLearn in this direction. If you have any questions or suggestions related to the above I would love to hear them.

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