PerfectLearn, the final sprint

Since publishing the PerfectLearn development update on December 06 (2014), the following functionality has been completed:

  • Generate and display a tag cloud based on the user’s tagged topics
  • Edit note
  • Edit URL
  • Edit video link
  • Edit metadatum
  • Numerous minor bug and user-interface fixes
Bokeh Pens by Long Mai (Flickr):

Bokeh Pens by Long Mai (Flickr)

This means that the topics index and the front-end validation of forms are the only remaining bits of functionality left to implement for version 1.0. As you can see, I’m slightly behind schedule. Nonetheless, I feel that good progress is being made and I also expect to make up some time during the Christmas break.

I also hope to blog on a more regular basis from now until, at least, PerfectLearn has been released.

Thanks for being there for me.

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