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One of the main reasons for building PerfectLearn is to use it myself. I genuinely find it useful to employ a topic map-based approach to organize my personal knowledge. Having successfully used PerfectLearn’s predecessor,, as an online personal knowledge base for the past seven years has convinced me of the utility of an application that helps a user to manage their (documented) knowledge and to turn it into a tangible thing of value.

Learning and Creativity

Learning and Creativity

When thinking about things that would make PerfectLearn even more useful I only have to examine the pain points I am experiencing when using the application. Currently, one of the bigger "problems" I see with PerfectLearn is the issue of one topic map per user. That is, when a user signs up to use PerfectLearn, the application creates a topic map for that user. That is, each user gets one, and only one, topic map. And that, my friends, is a limitation.

When looking at my own needs, I see that I want to be able to create multiple independent topic maps to manage unrelated projects. For example, if you are a student using PerfectLearn, I can imagine you creating a specific topic map for your thesis and creating other topic maps for, well, other purposes. What this means is that PerfectLearn needs to have the ability for the user to create, select, and manage multiple projects where each project is a self-contained topic map isolated from the user’s other topic maps. In retrospect, I consider this to be an essential feature of PerfectLearn and will start implementing it as soon as PerfectLearn version 1.0 has been released.

If you have any suggestions with regards to the project feature let me know by submitting the feedback form.

Update (January 11, 2015): After some more consideration, I have decided to implement the project feature before launching version 1.0 of PerfectLearn. The main reason for doing so is that the implementation of this feature involves changing the topic map’s database definition. Doing this change after launching PerfectLearn would require potentially quite tricky migration of user data from the previous database definition to the new database definition with the accompanying downtime and risk of data loss. All in all, I don’t expect the implementation of the project feature and subsequent testing to significantly delay the launch of PerfectLearn.

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