PerfectLearn Version 1.0 Beta User Feedback

Two weeks ago, I published the beta version of PerfectLearn and asked a number of people who had expressed a desire to try PerfectLearn to start testing it. These two weeks have been quite a ride. But, first things first. The quality of the feedback from the beta users has been nothing short of fantastic. Thank you.

The quality of the feedback from the beta users has been nothing short of fantastic.

Several bugs have been found and fixed. One of the bugs, specifically, turned out to be quite a nasty one. Luckily, switching to the PostgreSQL database has fixed the issue completely.

Using PerfectLearn

Using PerfectLearn

In addition to fixing the bugs, I have also decided to implement some of the suggestions based on feedback from the last two weeks. Two features specifically, have already been implemented: the (inline) quick help option and an interactive component for displaying related topics. A short screencast demonstrating the two features is available on YouTube, here.

Both features were straight-forward to implement and provide value to the user. On the one hand, the quick help option helps users to familiarize themselves with some of the applications’s more prominent user interface elements. On the other hand, the second feature, the related topics component, improves the user experience by showing only the necessary navigational information —the topic context— while at the same time making it possible to interact with said navigational information. In this respect, it’s important to note that the previous version of PerfectLearn displayed related topics, as well. However, it did this in a completely static way not allowing for the user to filter the related topics by association type and member role, respectively.

Finally, I hope (and expect) to finish PerfectLearn’s beta testing within the next fortnight. I feel privileged to have the users I have. I only hope that PerfectLearn lives up to your expectations.

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