PerfectLearn beta period uptime report

PerfectLearn’s overall uptime (Pingdom’s summary is provided below) for the month of March was 99.51%. This uptime also coincided with PerfectLearn’s beta period. So, on the whole, I’m pretty satisfied with PerfectLearn’s stability during its beta phase.

PerfectLearn Pingdom Report March 2015

PerfectLearn Pingdom Report March 2015

All of the downtimes except the downtime on March 09 where scheduled downtimes for deployment purposes (the roll-out of bug fixes and functionality enhancements). The "3h 20m" downtime on March 09, however, was due to my VPS hosting provider scheduling a Xen security-related update with a mandatory reboot.

The apparent stability of PerfectLearn makes me confident that version 1.0 of PerfectLearn is ready to be formally released.

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